RUSSIAN ORIGINS Caviar was born on the banks of the River Volga. Originally a Lent dish for peasants, its rarity quickly turned it into the world most luxurious delicacy

ON ROYAL TABLES In the 19th century, thanks to modern transportation and refrigeration, the Tsar caviar makes its way onto the tables of the European aristocracy.

CAVIAR CONQUERS THE WORLD Caviar presence at every Parisian World Expo from 1867 to the 1920 is a testimony to its position as the absolute gourmet luxury.

FRANCE ADOPTS CAVIAR During the Belle Epoque and the mutual love affair between France and Russia, French star chefs, such as Escoffier, become ardent caviar aficionados.

THE CAVIAR RITUAL Distinctively different, the service of caviar is an opportunity for creativity and theatricality - a tradition upheld with passion by Boutary.

A CELEBRITY DELICACY During the 20th century, caviar is the epitome of glamour as it becomes the delicacy of choice for renowned artists and movie stars

A FAMILY STORY. The Maison Boutary is, to this day still, a family business with a passionate vision of French luxury.

IN 1888, the Baroness of Saint Vincent, then staying at Boutary castle, created the first vineyards for her sons, thus founding the Maison Boutary.